United Kingdom transport research laboratory has estimated that in the UK alone, 7,500-11,000 wheel fixing defects are recorded annually (considerably more go unreported).

45% due to failed wheel studs (due to fretting)
23% worn studs (due to fretting)
13% stripped threads
4% corroded studs
15% other defects

The consensus of opinion remains the same. insufficient clamping force is the main reason wheel assemblies fail.


Six Benefits to fixing wheel nut indicators .

  • They Move To Show A Wheel Nut Is Working Lose.
  • They Reflect At Night.
  • They Melt In A Hot Wheel Situation.
  • They Protect The Nut And Thread (DCL and DCS models).
  • They Become Part Of The Drivers Daily Safety Check.
  • They Can Save On Massive Insurance Premium increases.